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After the world was hit by a shockwave from the news of George Floyd's death, communities around the globe voiced their opinions in hopes for change and recognition on the matter. One undisclosed artist out of St. Petersburg, Florida used his art to speak for him. This creative who's name we'll keep disclosed yet goes by the tag of "Stoefs" decided to take matters into his own hands. Instead of attending the local marches he said he was "searching for a new angle to reach a untouched audience. To stray away from mainstream media and other online outlets documenting the events taking place and get the message to new faces".


Nightfall arrived and they were on the move. With the location being directly over a busy road they had to be cautious in how they went about this. With a pair of eyes on the ground communicating what traffic was looking like at the near by intersection the three remaining individuals set out a plan on the most efficient way to install each letter without being seen. Within an hour this 50ft piece was up and screaming "equality" to everyone passing below. 


Though within 2 short days the piece was seen being taken down by police the work and its message continued to be spread with nothing but positive intensions. The artist states "he continues to think of the work as a success" though it didn't last long.


With an idea in his head and spray paint at his disposal he got to work, laying out a large message on paper that would be installed the following night. 

Once completed, the artwork was bundled together and on the move that night. With a few helping hands "Stoefs" and his team headed out to install his new work of art.


Sunrise arrived and within a few short hours the work was taking media by storm. With hundreds of cars passing by each hour it was hard not to be talked about. Surprisingly overall the city had a positive response to the so called "vandalism" . So much so that the city itself shared the artwork and powerful message it talked about sharing it with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

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