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Skating across boarders is a fundraiser benefiting Boards for bros.

On May 21st 2022 Stoefs Studio hosted a fundraiser benefiting Boards for Bros a nonprofit who rebuilds and distributes recycled 

skateboards to youth lacking access. Donating all proceeds to this Tampa based NGO in hopes to help fund their ongoing mission and further projects. 

skating across borders g.png


The day of.

The evening started with a good amount of entertainment 6 live bands a DJ and 40 vendors and food trucks to explore throughout the evening. The Half Pipe competition started at 4pm with the help of Skatepark of Tampa. As the evening went on the skaters grew more and more advanced. With over $4000 worth of prizes being given out throughout the night and raffles going towards charity it made out for an eventful evening. Once the sun went down Magenta Skateboards premiered there newest skate film with footage spanning from St. Petersburg Florida to France. The night was packed full of smiles from both the crowds and the performers!



In addition to the skate comp and fundraiser Stoefs Studio and Green Bench Brewery decided to collaborate on something special for the event. A limited edition beer collab with proceeds benefiting the charity's work. Stoefs decided to name this piece "The Dropout" to dive a little deeper into the misconceptions skate culture is usually paired with. Instead of being seen as a sport that puts a priority on community, friendship, hard work and dedication it tends to be looked down on by outsiders as the outcasts, vandals, and bad influencers of a community. With "The Dropout" we know most people correlate this term with failure but instead we want to use this expression as something to be celebrated. Leaving a scenario that no longer suits you for something better is an intimidating circumstance for anyone. It takes bravery and trust that everything will work out for the better and that's why we felt it was a good fit for this collaboration.

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