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Ayden Stoefen

Was born in 1997 in Sioux Fall, South Dakota. Moving at the age of two he spent his youth growing up along the coast of Clearwater, Florida. Finding a passion for the arts at a young age he began developing an audience early on. Having his paintings displayed multiple times within the Dali museum and winning numerous national art competitions by the age of 17. Homeless for two years before graduating High School he started his career as a clothing designer/photographer early on, he was driven away from university and two months after graduating he moved abroad to further his creative career. Over the next three years he began documenting his travels around all 7 continents in hope to share the stories of both his experience and the individuals he met along the way. Finding a passion for working with these impoverished communities and developing ways to give back to underprivileged youth through his creativity became his mission. As he continued his work as a freelancer, he began building long lasting relationships with Pro Surfer Cory Lopez and Russian National Geographic Photographer Kirill Samurskiy who mentored him after they met in Egypt.

Soon after Ayden was introduced to the skate scene working with a non-profit by the name of Concrete Jungle Foundation. Being hired on as their field photographer he was part of the team that travelled to Angola and built the nation’s first skate park and a short year after doing the same in Kingston Jamaica.

At 21 he made his way back to the states to start what is now known as “Stoefs Studio” 

Ayden's work has been featured on Kenzo, Vice, Monster Children, and The Skateroom




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